Much of what you will read in this book is not based on physical memory as you might recall a childhood story, but it is a key to the origin of humankind passed down via genetic memory. Deep inside all of us we carry the cells of our ancient ancestors, when this world began there was a piece of you there and such memories that we can recall from our lifetimes can be forgotten, but genetic memory is forever. Much of what we can derive from our previous existence is not based on knowledge in the physical sense but on a deeper sense of knowing. By reading this book you will come to a greater understanding of the mysteries of the planet Ikara, and how it became the dead red planet we know as Mars today. Much of what you will read here will explain many of the mysteries of why the planet seems like it could have supported life at one point and why it cannot today. Maybe the story will resonate in your heart, and perhaps you will suddenly… remember.

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J. R. Austin